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improving team chemistry and

mental toughness

Teams are unique in that the individual members of the team are often very different from one another. Sara can work with your team to develop stronger chemistry, trust, communication, and respect, as well as teach the team about the mental skills necessary to being more mentally tough athletes.Your team can benefit from learning how to stay calm and united in any situation, as well as by building and maintaining cohesion.

Sara will work with the coach and the team to determine the priorities for mental skill building and the areas of team development that need attention. Teams often want to learn more about setting and accomplishing team and individual goals, staying focused despite distractions, and improving how they communicate with each other, coaches, and parents. The team will work with Sara to create ongoing programs that reinforce the athletes new skills and tools.

Team meetings often take place anywhere from once a week to once a month,  and can include coach and parent information sessions. To further enhance the experience, Sara can work with individual team members, and she is available for on-site observation as well as travel with the group.

Call Sara can create a program that meets the needs of your particular group. Visit the FAQ section for more information on working with Sara and call to discuss what type of program is right for your team.

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