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coach meetings

Sara is available for coach education meetings and can cover topics that your team is learning about, or can educate coaches so that they can share the information with their athletes. She also provides workshops on information pertinent to coaches such as enhancing communication with athletes and strategies to help with motivation. Topics covered vary so call Sara to talk about the specifics of what you or your coaches might need.

Parent meetings

Parents also benefit from learning about what mental skills training is, and what the skills are that their athletes are learning about. Similar to coaches, parent workshops can be given on topics including supporting your athletes to reach their goals, how to spot and deal with signs of burnout, and more. Call Sara to discuss what your group of parents would benefit from learning about. 

Other professionals

Mental skill building is important for individuals in many professions. Confidence, communication, setting and accomplishing goals, managing nerves, and more are critical to work and life. If you are curious if mental skill building is right for you, call Sara to learn more. 

Workshops/mini presentations

If you have a group that would like to hear more about mental skill building in general, or learn specific skills or strategies, call Sara to discuss what you are looking for. She is available for workshops of 1 hour, to a full day, or is happy to be included for a short presentation on a topic of your choice.